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Templates & Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents

Using Own Students as Research Subjects


Non-English Speaking Subjects Policy

Justice, diversity, and research ethics guidance

Consent Form Templates

Adult Consent Form (Non-Exempt)

Parental:Guardian Consent Form

Improving Consent Readability

Assent Form Template

Guidance for Obtaining Assent

Parent/Guardian Consent Form with Photo

Child Assent Form with Photo

As of January of 2023, the  National Institutes of Health (NIH) will be joining the National Science Foundation in requiring researchers to include a data management plan within their proposals and to make data publicly available. NIH is providing guidance at this link on Informed Consent for Secondary Research with Data and Biospecimens, inclusive of sample language. Additionally, NIH’s broader guidance around data sharing may be found here.

Prospective Agreement Forms

TCNJ IRB has been using the traditional informed consent document for most of the prospective data collection in IRB approved studies. With the new Common Rule several studies will be determined as Exempt under a new term Benign Behavioral Interventions. Since Exempt studies are not subject to requiring the traditional elements of informed consent, researchers may opt to use a shorter Prospective Agreement Form with no signature required.

Online Survey Prospective Agreement Form

Interview Prospective Agreement Form

Focus Group Prospective Agreement Form

Survey Prospective Agreement Form

Templates for Research Related Documents

Study Advertisement Flyer Template

Site Approval Template

E-mail Recruitment Text Template